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About Us

Hi I'm Jose, Founder of Paradise Coffee Co. 

I believe that drinking amazing speciality grade coffee and doing good for the environment and the farmers isn't the future, It's the present.

I set up Paradise Coffee Co during the COVID-19 pandemic to share my love and passion for coffee and to give people the choice to drink coffee that actually makes an impact in the lives of the farmers, their countries and the global environment. 

 We're on a mission to change the way coffee contributes to the world whilst keeping your routine exactly the same. We've been working hard to design our products, bags and supply chain to be the most Eco-Friendly coffee company in the UK. 

For every order:

  • We help plant trees to offset the harmful effects of CO2 on our planet.
  • So far, we’ve planted 0 trees which is a CO2 reduction of 0T.
    • We support social projects in coffee producing countries
    • We help coffee farmers to improve their livelihoods by sourcing ethical and certified coffee
    • We reduce waste and specially plastic waste by choosing to use recyclable, plastic-free packaging
    • We reduce waste even further by using the patented technology EcoRoast which uses spent coffee grounds as fuel to roast new batches of coffee

    You can see here why we've decided to become Carbon Negative and here the steps we've taken to achieve it