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Espresso Roast
Espresso Roast
Espresso Roast
Espresso Roast
Espresso Roast

Espresso Roast

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Rich and vibrant, 100% arabica, Carbon Negative blend. A heavy-bodied blend with  notes of treacle, cedarwood, Bourbon and a lingering liquorice finish.

Espresso blend is made with 100% Fairtrade coffee from Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Nicaragua. 


EcoRoast delivers a positive impact on our environment using a patented roasting technology that uses spent coffee grounds as fuel to roast fresh batches of coffee.

To stay carbon negative, we've partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every order that we sell.

So far we've planted 72 trees which have helped to remove 1.17 Tonnes of harmful CO2 from the atmosphere.

We dispatch every day, Monday - Friday.
Plastic-Free and recyclable packaging.
Letterbox-Friendly packaging on all 250g orders
We offer free shipping on all orders over £15.

There's a reason why we've called this the "Espresso blend", and it's because it comes out perfect every time, it doesn't matter whether we do a milk-based drink, americano or straight-up espresso shot. 

We like a 1:2 brew ratio, that means for every gram of coffee in the portafilter we would like to have 2 grams of coffee in the cup.  

We understand that espresso (And especially home espresso) is a very personal thing so we're not going to attempt to give you a recipe but rather our inputs for you to adapt to your morning espresso routine: 

  • 18g beans
  • 36g of liquid in the cup
  • 94 degrees
  • 29-second extraction

As always, adjust to your taste and use this guide as a baseline and as an example of how we enjoy it.

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