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Tanzania Majinja State (Surplus)
Tanzania Majinja State (Surplus)
Tanzania Majinja State (Surplus)
Tanzania Majinja State (Surplus)
Tanzania Majinja State (Surplus)

Tanzania Majinja State (Surplus)

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Our first Carbon Negative single origin. A bright and lively acidity coffee with notes of Apple juice, orange peel, butterscotch, caramel and a hint of dark chocolate.

An AA grade single-origin from Tanzania Majinja Farmer Estates. Grown between 1600 and 1700msal and wet-processed for a lovely bright and light flavour.  


EcoRoast delivers a positive impact on our environment using a patented roasting technology that uses spent coffee grounds as fuel to roast fresh batches of coffee.

To stay carbon negative, we've partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every order that we sell.

So far we've planted 72 trees which have helped to remove 1.17 Tonnes of harmful CO2 from the atmosphere.

We dispatch every day, Monday - Friday.
Plastic-Free and recyclable packaging.
Letterbox-Friendly packaging on all 250g orders
We offer free shipping on all orders over £15.

V60. the convenience, flexibility and overall taste make the V60 our preferred way to brew this coffee. We use a 1:15 coffee to water ratio, that's 16 grams of water per gram of coffee. So for example, if you're using 40g of dry coffee you should add a total of 600g of water to the brew.

Our V60 recipe looks like this: 

  1. Grind 40g of coffee to a medium setting
  2. Rinse the paper filter with hot water
  3. Throw in the coffee and start the timer
  4. Add 80g of water. Stir and let it bloom for 45 seconds
  5. Slowly add the remaining 520g of water and let it filter through
  6. Sit back, sip, and enjoy

Adjust the grind as necessary so that the total brew time is around 4 minutes. If you'd like a pro tip... let it cool down a bit, the flavours in this coffee are bit shy and take a bit to fully develop but once they do it's like drinking a different cup of coffee!.

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